Internationally, Puppet Praise partners with SEND, International; CAM; Peter Deyneka Russian Ministries; and others to train and equip ministry teams in a growing number of countries.  These teams have demonstrated themselves unusually effective in sharing the gospel in street evangelism, church services, hospitals, orphanages, and a wide variety of other places.  They have also been instrumental in helping to establish home Bible studies, starting Sunday Schools and even church planting as they reach out into new areas with the gospel.


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--We are currently developing a line of specialized products designed especially for the international ministry teams we train.  Some we will sell ourselves, and others will be available through a select group of Christian vendors around the country.  Many of these products may well be useful in your ministry.  


--A photo gallery of our team members and their testimonies


--Our ministry team’s program schedule


--How about a photo of our new ministry office and shop facility?


--A close up look at our Executive Board members.  They try to keep me in line, but…


--An email link from this website to our office, for additional information


--Site links with those who partner with us—so you can get to know them as well


--News about our upcoming Ukraine Ministry Team training project in August


Just a note: Puppet Praise, Setting the stage to share the gospel, our adorable puppet logo, plus the many clever product names we are developing are trademarks of Puppet Praise Youth Ministries, Inc.  We’ve grown rather fond of them so please come up with your own.  Thanks! 


Our pledge: We solemnly promise to faithfully update this website whenever we get around to it.  The same holds for answering our snail mail, e-mail, and phone messages.  Remember, patience is a virtue and we work extra hard to develop it in others!


--Burt Ellsworth,
Executive DirectorThey that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength.  They shall mount up with wings as eagles, They shall run and not grow weary; they shall walk and not faint.          Isaiah 40:31


To God be the glory forever!






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